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Pizza Anyone? Top 5 Pizzas at Joey’s

Any night can be Italian night when you want to experience the best pizza in Wynwood. Joey's Italian Café serves up a host of amazing menu options, from delectable appetizers and salads to creative pizza and entrée choices. Pair your meal with the perfect wine from the extensive wine list, or just savor your items in the welcoming atmosphere. Specially crafted pizzas that perfectly pair exciting flavor combinations are some of the most popular items on the menu.  

Top Five Pizzas at Joey's Italian Café

If you love the flavor of Italian food, you are probably always on the search for the perfect pizza that combines fresh, authentic ingredients with surprising and delicious flavor choices. Joey's Italian Café has a number of pizza options on the menu, ranging from the traditional to the daring. The top five most popular choices run the gamut from traditional flavors to specialty combinations found only at Joey's.
  • Pepperoni Speciale. This specialty pizza features grilled red peppers in a true Italian pepperoni style. Paired with rustic and creamy goat cheese, this blend of flavors is a twist on the traditional that truly makes it feel special.
  • Prosciutto di Parma & Mushroom. As the name implies, prosciutto and mushrooms are the stars of this dish. Starting with the restaurant's perfectly balanced tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, wild mushrooms are complemented by the salty and flavorful taste of the prosciutto in perfect balance.
  • Smokey Gamberi. The Smokey Gamberi pizza takes your senses on a culinary ride with the smoky shrimp, from which the name derives, as the main flavor. A base of traditional tomato sauce is covered in mozzarella cheese and then piled with a hearty meat combination of the signature smoky shrimp and Spanish chorizo. Oven-roasted tomatoes and escarole are added for even more flavor, and the dish is topped with parmesan cheese and lemon zest for the senses to enjoy.
  • Burratina Pesto. The rich and luscious taste and texture of burrata cheese make this pizza one of the most decadent choices on the menu. A base of the restaurant's pesto sauce is topped with mozzarella cheese, heirloom cherry tomatoes and arugula to complement the highlight of the burrata.
  • The Joey. Every restaurant needs a signature specialty dish, so The Joey is a must-try for pizza lovers who want the full experience. Starting with the traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese combination, The Joey features a topping of portabella mushrooms and shallots along with a seasoning of oregano.

Other Specialty Pizzas to Try at Joey's Italian Café

If one of the top five pizza options doesn't tempt your taste buds, try one of the other combinations that are designed with full and fresh flavor in mind. For the traditionalist, try Joey's version of a Margherita pizza or the Chicken White with Goat Cheese that features sweet onions and fire-roasted peppers. The truffle oil and wild mushrooms on the Duck Confit or the fig, honey, chili flake and gorgonzola combination of the Dolce e Piccante will please even the most distinguished of palates. Try the Pancetta with Egg for a bacon, egg and pecorino combination or enjoy how the walnuts, arugula, and truffle oil offset the gorgonzola cheese perfectly in the Gorgonzola pizza. No matter which option you try, you have a host of flavors waiting to be experienced.  

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When you consider the best Italian restaurants in Wynwood, Joey's Italian Café should be at the top of your list. If you are ready to experience the best in specialty pizza in a next-level atmosphere, contact Joey's Italian Café today to make a reservation or visit the website to learn more about their authentic and delicious menu offerings.