5 Awesome Reasons To Watch The Big Game at Joey’s

Awesome football games are about spending time surrounded by friends, cheering on your favorite team. For the biggest events, hanging out on the living room couch just doesn’t cut it. Here are five reasons why you should watch the big game on February 2 at Joey’s Italian Cafe in Wynwood instead.

1. Get A True Game Day Feast

Forget about nachos and potato chips. It’s time to go all out for the big game with irresistible chef creations that your guests will never forget. Here are a few of our favorite signature finger foods with a gourmet twist:
  • Grilled octopus: Perfectly cooked, tender and smoky, this grilled octopus melts in your mouth. Make sure to keep your eye on the octopus as well as the ball, because groups tend to devour this delicious appetizer quickly during exciting plays.
  • Charcuterie platter: Meats and cheeses are a great combination for sports events with friends, but we think it’s time to take things up a notch. Treat yourself and your guests to fine Italian prosciutto di Parma, cotto ham, cured Soppressata salami and intense aged cheeses such as Gorgonzola, fontina, goat cheese and 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • The Wynwood Burger: If burgers are more your style for the big game, let us regale your taste buds with the best burger you’ve ever tasted. Our famous Wynwood burger stands out because of the beef we use: tender brisket, short rib and grilled chuck. Truffle parmesan potatoes and the kick of fontina guarantee an all-star burger experience.
These mouthwatering fan favorites take any football celebration to the next level. If you want to host a private event at Joey’s, we’re happy to sit down with you to customize the perfect menu. That way our chef can give things your personal style.

2. Joey’s Has The Best Pizza Around

If there’s one thing that goes perfectly with football, it’s great pizza. We don’t like to brag, but our pizza is absolutely legendary. For one thing, we like to experiment with bold flavors. Here are a few possibilities:
  • Spicy chorizo
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Oven-roasted tomatoes
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Duck confit
  • Truffle oil
  • Red wine syrup
  • Pecorino
Make sure that vegetarian guests get to enjoy breathtaking pizza on game night too. Our Dolce e Piccante pizza mixes Adriatic figs and mozzarella with the punch of chili flakes and nutty Gorgonzola. We make every pizza in a classic brick oven with farm-to-table ingredients.

3. A Perfect Space to Celebrate Wynwood Style

Whether you want to party with a few friends and family members or host a block party blowout, Joey’s has the space to go big. The huge interior provides room to eat, drink and cheer. Afterward, head outside into our covered patio for some cool air, tasty cocktails, and impromptu touchdown dances.

4. Signature Miami Cocktails and Incredible Craft Beers

Drinks are another mainstay of the big game. You can’t truly celebrate the best plays without a few beers and your best friends. Joey’s is one of the only bars in Wynwood Walls where you can check out Miami’s biggest craft beers, sip on the finest imported Italian wines and party with freshly made mojitos, margaritas, and Manhattans. We especially recommend a Joey’s Infamous Sangria made with muddled seasonal fruit such as pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

5. A Hip Vibe Found Nowhere Else

Wynwood bars have a laid-back atmosphere that’s awesome for hanging out with friends. Joey’s Italian Cafe stays true to its artistic heritage with hip décor and industrial style. Of course, our greatest artistic expression is our incredible food, but some Latino flair really brings things to life. Joey’s Italian Cafe does Italian fusion better than anybody in Wynwood Miami, mixing the heat you crave with tremendous flavors. Make sure your guests have the time of their lives by watching the big game in Wynwood. To reserve a space or the entire restaurant, contact our friendly staff right away.