Let’s Do Brunch! Best Brunch Dishes To Try

From the moment you walk inside, it’s easy to see what makes Joey’s Italian Cafe so special. Incredible aromas, warm décor, friendly staff, and artistic flair make Joey’s one of the best spots in Wynwood to try something special for lunch, dinner or brunch. This is a fusion of secret-recipe Italian cuisine and modern techniques at its finest. Whether you’re looking for a romantic first-date spot or a place to hang out with the entire family, Joey’s Italian Cafe is the place to be. For lovers of deep, classic Italian flavors, Joey’s signature pizza and gourmet-infused menu options are impossible to beat. The chef creates exclusive variations of delicious pizza to highlight every week.  

Best Brunch Dishes To Try at Joey’s Italian Cafe

At Joey’s Italian Cafe, every brunch dish gets the star treatment with a unique twist. Menu items are bold and flavorful, as you may expect from one of Wynwood’s most popular restaurants. With so many foodie favorites, it can be difficult to decide on a single thing to order. Here are a few brunch dishes that are just too delicious to ignore:
  • Avocado tostada: This is no ordinary breakfast tostada. It starts with pressed, handmade ciabatta bread that has a roasted aroma to die for. Next comes gently blackened tomatoes and creamy burrata. These Italian flavors are the perfect backdrop for firm-yet-smooth avocado slices, eggs, and virgin olive oil.
  • Smoked salmon flatbread: Joey’s treats this traditional brunch mainstay with amazing culinary finesse. Each element of the sweet, savory, creamy and smoky classic is distinctive and balanced at the same time. Sitting on top of the flavorful Italian flatbread are generous layers of smoked salmon. Shaved red onions and finely diced chives provide a touch of freshness and bite to silky cream cheese. Finally, crushed heirloom tomatoes and fresh capers deliver just the right amount of acidity.
  • Steak & eggs: If you’ve never had steak and eggs Italian style, you don’t know what you’re missing. Premium steak and gourmet eggs are an amazing way to kick off a Sunday. This version features a juicy New York strip steak cooked to your liking and accompanied with smoky sun-dried tomatoes and seasoned fries. You can order your eggs any way imaginable, from velvety scrambled eggs to delicately poached eggs that spill open when you slice them. Crispy Brussel sprouts add another layer of depth.
  • Crispy chicken sandwich: If you’re leaning towards Joey’s stellar chicken & waffles but want something with extra crunch, check out the crispy chicken sandwich. It’s not as sweet as chicken and waffles, so it caters better to people who feel like a “lunch” offering during brunch. What makes this sandwich special is the perfectly cooked chicken breast, golden brown, intensely flavorful and mouthwatering. Fresh arugula, country potatoes, and a roasted garlic aioli make you feel like you’re sitting in the kitchen of a “nonna” in Northern Italy.
  • Bombollini French toast: This sweet treat is one of Joey’s signature items. It’s understandably popular with kids, but even adults can’t seem to resist its crispy and smooth charms. An exquisitely fried churro doughnut gets dipped in orange butter and topped with creamy mascarpone and a drizzle of real maple syrup. Fresh seasonal berries and lemon curls add some acidity to balance these sweet flavors.
Sunday brunch at Joey’s is a time to celebrate with great food, fine wine, and a relaxed ambiance. All of these incredible brunch menu options help you end every weekend with incredible memories.  

Brunch to Share in Wynwood — Italian Style

In Italy, mealtimes are a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Eating brunch together is the perfect way to have fun with your friends and family members. There’s nothing like laughing and joking while munching on delicious food. Joey’s Italian Cafe delivers something tasty for everyone. Make a reservation at Joey’s Italian Cafe to try exquisite menu items and see why it’s the best brunch Wynwood. Image Credit: Shutterstock By Ksenija Toyechkina