Bruschetta Appetizer at Joey's Italian Cafe

Our Favorite Happy Hour Dishes

Creating happy memories and celebrating the good things in life is what Joey’s Italian Cafe is all about, so it’s not surprising that the restaurant delivers the best happy hour Wynwood has to offer. The menu is flavorful and chic, like an Italian version of tapas that you can share with the whole table. You can also expect unbelievable service from bartenders and restaurant staff, who take the time to remember the names, favorite dishes and preferred drinks of regular visitors.   bruschetta-fresca-joeys-miami-spice-20191  

What To Get at Joey’s Italian Cafe for Happy Hour

One of the main draws of Joey’s is its famous pizza. If you’re a fan of crispy pizza made by hand using a traditional brick oven, then your life isn’t complete until you visit Wynwood and try one of Joey’s unique, always-changing versions. If you come during happy hour, make it a point to try one of our favorite dishes:
  • Octopus skewers: The key to perfect octopus is in cooking it just right. This restaurant nails it every time with these skewers, delivering meat that is tender and flavorful. We especially love the smoky brick oven char that works wonderfully for the sweetness of seafood. Finally, a deep and mysterious artichoke puree adds another layer of complexity that completely blows our minds.
  • Meatballs with ricotta: Few things in life are better than gourmet meatballs made by hand and cooked to perfection. Premium meat, surprising spices and the creaminess of ricotta combine for a dish you have to taste to believe. This is a fan favorite for good reason.
  • Bruschetta with aged Parmesan: The first thing that Joey’s does right is selecting a deeply aromatic bread for its bruschetta. After letting it toast slowly in the brick oven, the chef adds a layer of intense, almost fruity Parmesan that has been aged for 24 months.
  • Vegetable bruschetta: If you prefer your bruschetta with slow-roasted, fresh veggies instead, we can’t say we blame you. Everything is locally sourced and delicious, and you can taste every flavor note from the individual vegetables.
  • Crispy bocconcini with spicy marinara: Bocconcini are delicate balls of creamy mozzarella. Of course, it’s easy to tell the difference between premium mozzarella and inferior versions, so we’re happy that Joey’s always selects cheeses of the highest quality. The slightly tangy flavor, incredible creaminess, and smooth texture is impossible to resist, even before the chef coats it in a secret breading and turns it golden brown.
We’re not exaggerating when we say that we could happily eat here every night of the week. Great food and specialty drinks make Joey’s Italian Cafe one of the best Italian restaurants Wynwood has.   Ten Dollar Specials at Joey's Italian Cafe  

Great Drink Options for the Best Times

It goes without saying that part of the fun of visiting Joey’s for happy hour Wynwood experiences is discovering what drinks to pair with your food. This upscale yet laid-back Italian hot spot gives its drinks the same irresistible flair as its amazing appetizers. Forget about plain shots of tequila; at Joey’s you’re in for a distinctive treat:
  • Elegant Italian wines
  • Freshly prepared sangria
  • Exotic beers
  • Signature drinks
Many drink specials are unique daily, so every time you visit you’re in for a new surprise. Joey’s drinks are part Italian sophistication and part Miami excitement.  

Visit Wynwood’s Best Happy Hour Tonight!

Joey’s Italian Cafe in Wynwood is legendary. For one thing, it fits perfectly with the neighborhood’s artistic vibe. The ambiance is warm and relaxing, as you may expect from an Italian café, but the décor also feels sophisticated and hip. Whether you feel like indoor candlelight or outdoor sunsets, evenings at Joey’s are something special. This unforgettable Miami hangout spot is great for romantic dates, drinks after work with your colleagues and good times with friends. You can even stop in before strolling through the Wynwood Walls at night. We highly encourage you to reserve a table or book a private event at Joey’s Italian Cafe. We promise you won’t regret it.