Wynwood Spice at Joey’s

Every year, the best restaurants in Miami celebrate the vibrant, unique Wynwood community by offering one-of-a-kind Wynwood Spice menus and exclusive dining experiences – and this year, Joey’s Italian Café is joining in on the delicious fun. We’re tipping our hats to the flourishing district with a specially-crafted signature menu, giving our guests the opportunity to experience an incredible assortment of dishes that embody the true Wynwood spirit.   

Three-Course Dining at a Special Price

Our Wynwood Spice Menu is a three-course, prix-fixe dining experience available every day for a limited time for just $39. If you’ve ever wanted to indulge in a gourmet, multi-course meal, Joey’s Italian Café makes it easy to treat yourself without the expense. Inspired by the dynamic and creative spirit of the Wynwood district, we’ve assembled a curated collection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts that will surely wow you.


Wynwood Spice Appetizers 

To begin your Wynwood Spice meal, you’ll be able to select one of three appetizers. Choose between a shrimp, artichoke, and red pepper crostini, crispy calamari with a lemon-pepper aioli, or a fresh, colorful salad featuring strawberries, shaved red onion, goat cheese, grapes, goat cheese, and mixed greens.  

Wynwood Spice Main Courses

Three main courses are available for the choosing, each one created with Miami in mind. Select either pan-crusted mahi mahi with risotto and vegetables, a 10-ounce skirt steak, or a decadent squid ink pasta topped with a medley of seafood favorites.  

Wynwood Spice Desserts

It wouldn’t be a gourmet meal without a sweet ending, and we’ve created three dessert choices that capture both our Italian heritage and Wynwood’s playful personality. Go with a classic tiramisu, a duo of our famous gelatos, or a traditional bombollini made with vanilla bean gelato and chocolate ganache.   joeys-miami-spice-2019-dessert5  

What is Wynwood Miami Spice?

Wynwood Miami Spice is an annual event designed to honor the very best of the Wynwood district, one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods and home to many of Miami’s favorite restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. During the Wynwood Spice event, many of the city’s top-rated restaurants celebrate with limited-time offerings such as special menus and dining deals, giving diners the chance to expand their flavor horizons with Miami Spice promotions. By showcasing some of Wynwood’s best restaurants, the event seeks to highlight the incomparable creativity and innovation of the hip Wynwood district.   

Reserve Your Table Now to Enjoy Joey’s Italian Café’s Wynwood Spice Menu

Joey’s Italian Café will be offering our Wynwood Spice Menu for a limited time, so be sure to reserve your table now – you won’t want to miss out on this unique dining experience. Image Credit: Shutterstock/Liborio Dangelo