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This unique Wynwood Walls restaurant bears the mark of some of the greatest street artists worldwide. The art that decorates the exterior of what was once just another empty warehouse district defines the restaurant as a part of the artistic community in the area. Joey’s Italian Cafe brings new life to a part of town that was fairly lifeless. When the early 2000s rolled around, the district was redesigned entirely under the eye of the restaurant’s founder. Today, Joey’s seeks to provide the creative members of the area with a place to relax and enjoy expertly-crafted Italian cuisine and wide variety of cocktails between artistic pursuits.

There are many things to do in Miami near Wynwood Walls, but Joey’s, the only outdoor street art museum on the globe, a vast collection of unique galleries, and other creatively-based establishments mark it as the internationally-renowned destination that it has become over the past two decades. Joey’s has been the center of attention for a number of celebrity guests throughout the years. From specialty art exhibits to restaurants and the many outdoor hang-out spaces available, the district is designed to be a comfortable, stimulating environment. Joey’s Italian Café sticks with that easygoing yet elegant vibe, contributing to the overall desirability of the district while providing guests with something entirely new.

Whether you are arriving on the weekends with hundreds of others for the Art Walk or are just looking for a vibrant place to spend time with family and friends, you will find everything you need at Joey’s Italian Cafe.

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Wynwood Walls’ Top Ten Restaurants

Rain or shine, we have everything you need for a relaxed, authentic experience with your favorite Italian cuisine–named one of Wynwood Walls’ top 10 restaurants for a reason. Contact us to learn more about how Joey’s contributes to the culture of this one-of-a-kind area or to make reservations for private events in our beautifully-decorated, intimate indoor and outdoor dining areas.