Private Dining in Wynwood

When your party is looking to experience one of the best restaurants in Wynwood but would like a little more privacy than general dining offers, consider setting up a private dining event in the garden at Joey's Italian Cafe.

Whether you need a corporate event setting or want to enjoy a private birthday party with your guests, Joey’s private dining space offers a relaxing and intimate environment while still providing authentic and delectable cuisine expected from a truly unique and modern Italian restaurant in Wynwood Miami. Enhance the special occasion for both you and your guests by reserving the customizable private dining room event space held in our outdoor patio.

Private Birthday Parties

A birthday is a joyous occasion and there is no better way to celebrate than in a warm, inviting atmosphere enjoying high-quality food and great company. You and your guests can enjoy a stylish gathering in a welcoming atmosphere, hosted outside in our garden patio. The decor of the private dining area provides an inviting yet upscale backdrop to your birthday party with tastefully elegant decor. However, if you decide to, you can add to the ambiance with your own decorations.

Enjoy the intimate setting and indulge on a decadent dessert to end your birthday evening perfectly. Traditionally prepared Italian cuisine can be paired with the perfect wine to bring out the flavor of your dish, enhancing the dining experience even more.

Corporate Events

Whether you are celebrating a specific company milestone or want to celebrate the holidays with your colleagues, a private event at Joey's Italian Cafe sets you up for an elegant event in a relaxing and enjoyable space. The private setting provides a more intimate experience; perfect for any event involving corporate meetings or speeches.

Tables can be arranged in a way that promotes lively discussion during your gathering, served with authentic, traditionally prepared Italian cuisine. From cocktails alongside appetizers and desserts to a full sit-down gathering, your corporate event can be accommodated in a professional yet engaging manner.

Other Special Occasions

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